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Подробная информация о версии 0.5.3 beta 7
НовостиНаиболее важные изменения в новой версии Racer:

- Network (multiplayer) reworked a lot. Using ENet as an intermediate network library now (meaning reliable packet sending should work)
- Bugfix: ini file reads could result in extra information at the end for CR+LF formatted files.
- Bugfix: if a remote client connected before the local client (a multiplayer master is both client & server) cars wouldn't update properly
- Tracked: added some keys/functions in Spline mode to facilitate editing splines a bit better.
- Bugfix: Ackerman wasn't applied correctly to the steering wheels (effectively operated only on 1 wheel).
- Added shader's mipmap_min_lod and mipmap_max_lod parameters again. Used to crash on ATI cards, not on nVidia. Does it work now?
- Added shader mipmap_lod_bias variable to modify mipmap behavior.
- Added 'global' setting for freeshifting in data/controls/default.ini
- Some extra locale texts (ai.learn_on etc)
- Removed wav/mp3 load failure message when menu AVI was used (without accompanying sound file)
- Stub image (when no image can be found) is now a little more colorful (red/blue)
- Added racer.ini:textures.compression (defaults to 1) to enable app-wide support for texture compression
- Added shader 'compression' key (globally and per layer!) to be able to disable compression for certain textures (skies!)
- Some texture map loading changes; images without alpha will be stored as GL_RGB instead of GL_RGBA (might help performance)
- Views (for cars) are no longer loaded sequentially; instead of going through the list, now they're properly referenced as views.view0, views.view1 etc.
- Removed 2 second pause when starting 'Race' (this is needed for slave computers, but was even used no slaves were connected)
- Improved ini file reading speed for slightly faster startup and loading cars etc.
- Fixed location of some object in non-800x600 resolutions; start lights, console text.
- Revived motion blur; it seems to start to work with at least my DuoCore/nVidia7950 machine (renderer.motion_blur.passes).
- Optimized particle drawing if no particles are visible
- Added 'trackmap save' command to save the live environment trackmap. For non-live trackmaps.
- Smoke image from Some1 included (thanks!)
- Fixed brakes flickering when ABS kicks in
- No crashes anymore when body.dof isn't found (seen a lot with Mustang2005GT; perhaps updates were installed?); a dark cube of 1x1x1m is created instead
- Added sideload control (future motorbike simulation)
- Added aero.body.cz (and cy) for generic body downforce generation (only drag was supported) (car.ini)
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