Вышел Racer 0.6.4 (Windows)
Прислано GArik на 23 Сентября 2008, 04:04:04
Основное изменение в новой версии - поддержка Cg шейдеров.
Полный список изменений:
- Bugfix: locked differentials flooded QLOG with warnings (CalcLockingTorque)
- Bugfix: damper curves didn't work when dbg_car.susp_implicit_integration=1
- Bugfix: skidding sounds only worked in right turns
- Added skid factors to multiplayer protocol; this version is incompatible with older ones!
- Added global Cg shaders for cars & tracks in data/renderer/shaders
- Added racer.ini:renderer.gpu_shaders option for those with crap video cards
- Added a bunch of Cg shaders to improve rendering quality; OpenGL2 cards are more or less required now
- Lambo now uses per-pixel lighting with Cg shaders
- Added wheel spin velocities in the driveline debug screen (Ctrl-8)
- Added dev.note_ini_fallback to get QLOG messages for variables taken from data/cars/default/car.ini
- Removed warning on bottoming out for LUT springs
- Added a 'udpterm.exe' tool for remote live debug messages (in combination with dev.udp_output=).
- Improved skidmarks so they don't pop up behind the car but are kept ending underneath the wheels
- Improved handling of clutches with high torques
- Optimized sun detection a bit (doesn't work yet with FBO's though)
- Added a few fullscreen shaders as demonstration (multiply/..., see data/renderer/fullscreen_shaders/)
- Upgraded track envmaps (data/images/track_*.tga) to 256x256 for improved reflection maps (was 128x128)
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