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Мнения разных людей о игре Racer
f50, United States

Racer is.....
--a WIP racing sim with a very promising physics engine
--highly mod-able, and easy to do so.
--pretty to look at in the recent betas
--lots more, i'm just too lazy to think :)

CUL8R, New Zealand

-You can tune and setup cars to your specific needs/wants
-Constantly being developed,(so the longer you stay with it the better it will be)

Sven F., Croatia

I always thought Racer's highest point was moddability... maybe this was not Ruud's goal, but from a players standpoint, I wouldn't take racer for driving when theres so much more "user friendly" sim's out there.Its a work in progress, and if you can present that in a positive way, i think it would be the best description. Now is not a great time for racer in between buggy beta's, but its always like that and should be accepted as such.

sparX CG, Canada

It's a free car simulation project with a nice physics engine. People in the community make cars and tracks for the game. The more the people make, the bigger, better the game gets. A lot of points have been taken care of, but there are a lot of points to be taken of as well. And we all hope that in a few years, Racer will be the best car simulator in the world. (and still continue development) :)

Bumper, Finland

"A realistic racing simulation for people who wan't to use their creativity to make their own cars or tracks"

Alfanut, United States

RACER is a FREE, unlimited imagination racing simulator with virtually any and every combination of racing vehicle and track combinations imaginable.It offers user modifiable physics setups, where a truck can be made to perform as a Formula One car or vice versa. Recent track development has come to equal almost any virtual 3D environment for sheer beauty and realism. Recent car model development has approached a level of realism that staggers the imagination. The program will please the novice user and stir the imagination of the dedicated racer alike. It is addictive in that is satisfies the urge to take it to the limit, sweaty palms, adrenalin rush and all. And best of all, RACER offers the opportunity for a diverse group of people to make their contributions, from minor to major, for the enjoyment of all those who enjoy sim racing -- It is exciting to the eye and ear and offers the experience of racing with "All the Thrills without any of the Consequences."

TtR, Finland

Racer is a free car simulation platform, where visual quality and handling realisness is up to you.

Penge, Hungary

When I am tired after a very busy day, I need something to do. Yeah, I am listening to rock music, but that's not enough. Thats a fantastic feeling, when you drive such a car in Racer, which is not reachable. I am aiming on the Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari (360,456,308 QV...). Becouse of my tiredness, I will choose a track(Speedest2) for driving fast, and for not racing. I have been playing Racer for 1.5 years, I started with the 0.5.0 final, and now...0.5.2 beta 9. There are challanges, which are very amusing. Racing against others...thats my life. And getting new experiences...how should I drive a Ferrari Enzo, and how a Dacia 1310 Whats the diffrence between RWD and FWD? And Racer gives the answer to these questions.

Yes, Racer is a lifestyle, as Blo0m said. An excellent lifestyle. Bye
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